Commercial Appliance Repair

Your commercial appliances play a crucial role in keeping your business running smoothly. This is especially true for businesses in the food service, hospitality, and healthcare industries. You need your appliances to operate properly so that your business can serve its customers and staff well. When one of your commercial appliances stops working, you can lose productivity and profits. Here at Real Time Appliance Repairs, we know how important it is to keep your commercial appliances operational. That’s why we offer dependable, high-quality commercial appliance repair services to give you the right solution in a timely fashion.

Real Time Appliance Repairs can repair most makes and models of commercial appliances. We work on both gas and electric appliances, and some of the most common commercial appliances we repair in Knox, Blount, and Loudon counties include:






Walk-in Freezers


Stoves / Ranges




Ice Machines






And More!

Commercial Appliance Installation

Is your business getting a new kitchen or laundry appliance? You can trust Real Time Appliance Repairs to install your appliance the right way. You don’t need to worry about whether everything is set up correctly; let us take care of it for you. We can handle all the electrical and water hookups your appliance needs. Our experienced team of professionals has strong electrical and plumbing knowledge, so we can make your appliance work wherever you need it in your business. Real Time Appliance Repairs is familiar with most makes and models of appliances, so contact us to get your new appliances installed the right way.


Real Time Appliance Repairs can also help with your refrigerant needs. We now carry environmentally safe, natural refrigerants that work as replacements for ozone-depleting hydrocarbon refrigerants. Contact us so that we can help you switch to environmentally safe refrigerants. You can purchase these refrigerants online as well.

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